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How Can An Attorney Help Resolve A Business Dispute?

Most people get into business agreements with the best intentions, but disputes and disagreements often occur. When they happen, they can significantly impact operations, so it is best to resolve the matter promptly. If you in involved in a business dispute and unsure what to do, our Illinois business law attorneys can help you.

Common Types Of Business Disputes

Business owners can face many business disputes in all areas of business. Some of the most common that a business law attorney may help with are:

  • Contract disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate disagreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Antitrust concerns
  • Disputes between business partners
  • Employment-related disputes
  • Selling a stake in the company

How To Resolve A Business Dispute Without Going To Court

There are situations where only litigation can solve a business dispute. However, there are other options if both parties agree. One of the litigation options is mediation, a confidential process where an objective third party called a mediator facilitates negotiation and communication between both sides to hopefully bring a resolution to the matter. Mediation is an informal and non-confrontational process that may resolve a business disagreement without expensive litigation.

In mediation, the final decision rests with the parties involved, not the mediator. The mediator’s role is to guide the discussion and focus the conversation on the significant dispute issues. The mediator is a third party that the disagreeing parties select by mutual agreement. This person could be a retired judge, attorney, or other professional with extensive experience in a particular industry or field.

Another option is arbitration, a process where the arbitrator considers the arguments and facts of both sides. The arbitrator renders a binding decision favoring one party or the other. This process is generally more accessible, faster, and less costly than litigation. Arbitration is less formal than going to court, with no judge or jury. It is worth considering arbitration before taking the case to court to avoid publicity, delays, and legal expenses.

How A Business Law Attorney Can Help

Many business disagreements and legal actions are complicated and hinge on complex legal processes and documents to move the process forward. Working with a business dispute attorney can help you focus on your company’s business while considering your legal options.

Having a business law attorney in your corner safeguards your legal rights during any business dispute. Even if your case does not end in a courtroom, your attorney can help you to understand complicated legal documents and motions, explain relevant laws, and weigh your legal options.

If the matter cannot be resolved through mediation or arbitration, the case may need to be litigated. Your attorney can represent your business in court and handle many important legal tasks to obtain the best-case result, such as:

  • Preparing and filing motions
  • Going to court hearings
  • Collecting evidence and doing interviews under oath
  • Continue negotiations with the other side
  • Take on as much legal burden as possible so you can focus on business operations

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