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Construction Law

The Chicago area construction industry is its own unique community of contractors, owners, architects and others. Keller Law Group, LLC provides sophisticated construction law services to members of this construction community throughout the Chicago area, both in and out of court.

Our 30 years of legal experience enables us to advise our construction law clients intelligently with respect to the particular features of this community. We know, for instance, how to shape our legal guidance according to the community members involved in the construction project.

Our firm’s founder, attorney Jeffrey S. Keller, also has experience as an accountant and was a former construction contractor. As a result, our experienced legal team can provide clients with project-sensitive legal advice.

Experienced Chicago area and Will County lawyers: construction defects and more

Our experienced construction legal team already knows this industry. We offer representation in commercial and residential real estate matters related to construction law, including:

We also understand the complex construction dispute resolution practices in Illinois and the Chicago area. Our experienced attorneys understand how to approach the unique contractual obligations that sometimes dictate the dispute resolution system available in a given construction project. This ability becomes particularly important with respect to mandatory arbitration clauses and other alternative disputes resolutions and municipal administrative systems.

Because construction disputes are so fact-specific, often closely tied to the personalities and the projects involved, our firm provides personalized legal services. By working closely with you, our team learns the landscape unique to your mechanic’s lien dispute.

With this particularized knowledge in mind, we can then provide you with legal advice that is custom-tailored to your situation. We do so by taking into account not only the unique legal features of the dispute, but your own larger legal goals that might be involved.

This client-centered approach enables us to provide legal services that are as effective as they are prompt. Our experience also allows us to deliver these services in a manner that is cost-efficient. We already know the language of the construction industry, so we can hit the ground running on your matter.

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