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We have 30 years of courtroom experience and have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in traditional litigation proceedings and quasi-judicial proceedings involving arbitration, mediation, and administrative review. We represent our clients in a multitude of practice areas, including domestic relations, construction litigation, mechanic’s liens, criminal defense, landlord-tenant disputes, mold contamination, debt collections, employment covenants, consumer fraud, eminent domain, and probate. We represent clients in DuPage County, Kane County, and Will County.

The cost of litigation in today’s world is staggering. Billions of dollars are won and lost in the litigation of disputes across the country. Billions of dollars are also spent for the cost of the litigation itself. A client will generally have spent thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, in attorney’s fees and litigation costs by the time a case finally goes to trial – money that is generally not recoverable. We believe that our clients are best served by keeping them out of the courtroom whenever possible.

At Keller Law Group, LLC, our first step in any legal dispute is to seek an amicable resolution between the parties before a lawsuit is ever filed. We pride ourselves on our ability to avoid or limit litigation through effective negotiation. We work closely with our clients to develop a resolution strategy. The client will prepare a priority schedule that we will use in our negotiations.

A priority schedule provides us with a breakdown of what is important to the client and the value to the client in obtaining each objective. This information gives us tremendous flexibility in structuring settlements. Once we have determined the priorities of each of the parties, oftentimes an agreement can be reached that resolves the dispute.

Aggressive Representation

Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved by agreement between the parties and litigation is the only alternative. Our attorneys will zealously represent you and fight to protect your rights in the courtroom. We will not be deterred until we secure the best possible results for our clients.

We Will Protect Your Rights

You can always be certain that we will be there to protect your rights in every case. Our job as your attorneys is to protect your rights. You will not find another law firm more committed and loyal to its clients than Keller Law Group, LLC. Loyalty and commitment are the tenets that form the basis of our relationships with our clients. Call us at 630-868-3093 for a free initial consultation.

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