Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

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Skilled Naperville Attorneys Represent Clients in Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Illinois Business Law Firm Handles Complex Issues Relating To Dissolution And Alleged Misconduct

Whether business conflicts involve partners or shareholders, these disputes can quickly escalate uncontrollably. At Keller Law Group, LLC, we work diligently to protect the rights of our clients while preserving the value of the underlying enterprise. Our attorneys understand that these important business matters often involve heightened personal feelings, which is why we provide the utmost professionalism so that all parties can focus on the key issues.

Experienced lawyers assist with all types of ownership problems

Rivalries and disagreements among the people who run a business are often complex and bitter. Our Naperville law firm works to minimize the time and expense devoted to these matters by resolving them through consensus. However, when necessary, we are prepared to litigate in cases related to:

  • Alleged breach of fiduciary duty
  • Alleged misappropriation of funds
  • Alleged improper contact with a competing firm
  • Issues arising from sudden departures
  • Resale of shares
  • Alleged contract or partnership agreement violations

Our Illinois business and corporate attorneys have the skill and discretion to overcome the extraneous matters that complicate intrabusiness disputes and guide clients toward a favorable outcome.

Business And Corporate Attorneys Help Firms Avoid Destructive Internal Battles

In nearly every case, businesses work best when clear rules govern partner and shareholder conduct. Our attorneys help new and existing firms create agreements specifically tailored to the needs and priorities of business owners. Through diligent preparation, your operation can set procedures for dealing with contingencies that might arise suddenly. A small investment of time and effort can avert major problems in the future.

Contact Our Illinois Corporate Disputes Attorney To Handle A Conflict Between Business Owners

If your business is being threatened by a conflict between shareholders or partners, or if you seek guidance on how to avoid these disputes, our firm delivers strong counsel. To schedule a consultation at our Naperville office, call Keller Law Group, LLC at 630-868-3093 or contact us online today.

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